Selected Digital Sources

**This section is further organized by categories below**

Baseball History

The Baseball Cube. Tommy Warren. Gary Cohen. [ca.2015]. [N.P.]<>

Baseball In Wartime. Tommy Warren. Gary Bedingfield. 2008. Glasgow, Scotland, UK.<>

Baseball Reference. Tommy Warren. [n.a.] [n.d.] Sports Reference LLC. 6757 Greene St, Suite 315, Philadelphia PA. 19119. <>

Wikipedia. Tommy Warren. [n.a.] [n.d.] Wikipedia Foundation. San Francisco/Los Angeles CA. <>


The BlueJacket Family

123Help Me. “Indians.” [n.a.][n.d.] <>

Allaneck. [Both links now defunct / Not a Scholarly Resource] Includes: <> / <> Bluejacket - Family History & Genealogy Message Board. “Anyone There?” Original posting April 12, 2001. <>

Blue Jacket Fact or Fiction. “Fact, Fiction, or Fantasy?” Robert V. Van Trees. Website updated 11/27/2013. <>

 Thomas Clarkin. Federal Indian Policy in the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations, 1961-1969. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2001. p.235.<>

 Dictionary of Canadian Biography. “Weyapiersenwah.” Reginald Horsman. 2003. University of Toronto/Université Laval. Toronto, ON, Canada. <>

The Federal Reporter, Vol. 265. St. Paul: West Publishing Co, 1920. “Bluejacket v. Evert.” pp. 829-830. <>

Find A Grave. [Accessed 2013-2015?] Lehi, UT. Includes articles:

"Carrie Elizabeth Foreman Beaver Bluejacket." Kim Slayton.  <>

“Charles Bluejacket.” Kim Slayton. <>

"Chief Clyde Leroy Blackjacket.” Kim Slayton. <>

“Erin Lee Bluejacket.” OkieBran. <>

“Junior William Bluejacket.” Linda Kincaid White. <>

“Tommy Lee Bluejacket.” Kim Slayton. <>

“Ethel L. Welch Bluejacket Huckaby.” Mary Ryder. <>

 Forensic Bioinformatics. [Link now defunct] <>

 Grace Memorial Chapel. [Link now defunct] <>

Native Heritage Project. [Paul Heinegg?] [n.p.] Includes:

A Reunion With A Tomahawk. Carlyle Henshaw. March 19, 2014. <>

The Shawnee Bluejacket Family. [n.a.] August 22, 2012. <>

 Paul Thomas Funeral Home. Obituary for Erin Lee Bluejacket. Commerce, OK, July 2012. <>

Philips DNA Project. [Link now defunct] <>

 Rootsweb. “Appalachian Mountain Families.” Lecture on Blue Jacket. Karen Pfister. [n.d.]<>

Shawnee Bluejacket. Winston (Chuck) Bingham and Gaylord Carlyle Hinshaw. [n.d] [n.p.] Includes:

“1871 Registry.” <>

“An Early Shawnee Writing.” <>

“Bluejacket.” Carlyle Hinshaw. [n.d.] <>

“Bluejacket Bingham Family Tree.” [n.d.] <>

“Bluejacket folders.” [Link now defunct] <>

“Chief’s[sic].’ Caryle Hinshaw. 2002. [np] <>

“Constitution of the Shawnee Tribe.” [n.a.][c.2001] <>

“Daugherty/Dougherty Native American DNA.” Carlyle Hinshaw. 2014. <>

“Dawes Notes.” [n.a.][n.d.] <>

“DNA/Genealogy.” [n.a.][n.d.] <>

“Folders/Lineage.” [Link now defunct] <>

“The Shawnee Sun.” Doug C. McMurtrie. Kansas Historical Quarterly. 1933. <>

Shawnee Bluejackets. [Link now defunct] <>

Stump Bluff Militia. “Blue Jacket Wasn’t White Man, DNA Suggests.” Sara J. Bennett. Originally published in Cincinnati Enquirer, June 26, 2000. <>

Tulsa World. July 12, 2012. Obituary, Erin Lee Bluejacket. <>

 Wikipedia. Blue Jacket.  [n.a.] [n.d.] Wikipedia Foundation. San Francisco/Los Angeles CA. <>


Dennis BlueJacket

450th Bomb Group Memorial Association. “Historical Record 1944.” <>

Archives. Dennis Wayne Bluejacket in the 1940 Census. [2017] <>

 Army Air Forces. [Link now defunct] <>

 James Dugan and Carroll Stewart. Ploesti: The Great Ground-Air Battle of 1 August 1943.  Lincoln: Potomac Books [now part of University of Nebraska Press], 2002. <>

 Find A Grave. “Sgt. Dennis Wayne Bluejacket.” Linda Kincaid White. <>

Find The Best: WWII. [Lin now defunct] <

 Home of Heroes. “Ploesti: When Heroes Filled the Sky.” Addison Earle Baker 1999-2014. <>

Petroblog. “Prahova Valley oil refineries during WW2.” Posted June 20th, 2009. Accessed: 2015. <>

 Wikipedia. Operation Tidal Wave. [n.a.] [n.d.] Wikipedia Foundation. San Francisco/Los Angeles CA. <>

 Youtube. “B-17 B-24 Bombing Raids on polesti.” Newsreel detailing the air raid. Uploaded by Tom Dozier. July 31st, 2009. <>


 Bobby BlueJacket’s Friends

The Oklahoman. Obituary. “Rafael ‘Ralph’ Zuniga Sr.” September 21, 1989. <>

Tulsa World. [Obituary for Sammy The Beard] [Link now defunct] <>


Rex Brinlee

Find A Grave. “Garland Rex Brinlee, Jr.” MillieBelle. 2010. <>

Fishing Notebook. Message forum. <>

Gateway to Oklahoma History. Oklahoma Historical Society Research Division.[n.a.] Oklahoma City, OK. [2017] Includes:

Photo, [Daily Oklahoman?] "Rex Brinlee Jr., on trial for murder in the bombing death of a Bristow kindergarten teacher, is escorted back to his cell by Okmulgee County undersheriff Jack Carter after testimony ended late Thursday." <>

Photo, [Daily Oklahoman?]"Rex Brinlee Jr." <>

Photo, Daily Oklahoman. "Rex Brinlee Jr. with defense attorney Thomas Dee Frasier (on right ) was convicted of murder Friday night in the bomb-murder trial at Okmulgee." <>

Photo, Daily Oklahoman. "Garland Rex Brinlee was found guilty of murder Friday night in the bombing death of a Bristow school teacher after a district court jury deliberated less than 3 hours.” <>

Photo, Daily Oklahoman. “An unidentified Okmulgee County deputy sheriff accompanies Garland Rex Brinlee as they leave for the State Penitentary.” <>

Greta’s Genealogy Bog[sic]. Blog entry. “The Other Thing My Ancestors Did For Entertainment.” Greta Koehl. November 21, 2010. <>

Historical Crime Detective. “Mug Shot Monday! Bomb Slayer Rex Brinlee Jr., 1971.” Jason Morrow. 2014. <>

Muskogee Phoenix. “Inmate Who Escaped Prison Twice Dies.” Muskogee, OK: [n.a.] December 23, 2009. <>

 Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Garland R. Brinlee. Rap sheet, Oklahoma State Penitentary.<>

 The Oklahoman. “Bomb Murderer Brinlee Maintains His Innocence.” Kathi Thacker, June 15, 1991. <>

 Orangepower. Message forum. “Tahlequah man arrested after bomb trigger he is building goes off.” <>

Times-News. “Convicted Bomb Slayer Taken by Off-Duty Guard.” June 28, 1976. <,6608003&hl=en>

Tulsa World. Wayne Greene. “Laughter But No Parole For Brinlee.” June 15, 1991. <>

Tulsa World. “Bomber, Twice-Escaped Inmate Dies in Prison.” [n.a.] December 22, 2009.<>


Nolen Bulloch

Ancient Faces. “Nolen Bulloch 1906-1971.” <>

The Big Story. Three Coins Spell Death.” (Bob Sloane, narrator; with Nolen Bulloch). Aired December 14th, 1949. <> Accessed via: Newspaper Heroes on the Air. “The Big Story” by Bob Stepno. August 2012. <>

Commonwealth College Fortnightly. Vol. 13. No. 1. January 1st, 1937. Mena, AR. <>

Death Records. “Nolen Bulloch.” [Site now defunct]. <>

Internet Archive. The Big Story. Three Coins Spell Death.” (Bob Sloane, narrator; with Nolen Bulloch). Aired December 14th, 1949. <>

Kansas City Times. April 18th, 1957. <>

Spokesman-Review. “Crime Reporter Linked to Liquor Plot ‘Pay-Offs.’” April 17th, 1957. <,5083321>

Tenth Circuit Historical. “Judge Royce Savage” by William Kellough. <>

Tulsa People. “Remembering the ‘Trib’” by John Hamill. February 2013.  <>

Tulsa TV Memories. “Rideshy & The May Rooms.” 1997. <>

Tulsa World. Tom Bulloch, Broken Arrow. “Still Not Right.” March 6, 2007. <>

Tulsa World. “DA Took on a Strange and Disgusting Case: Only in Oklahoma” By Gene Curtis. February 16, 2007. Accessed via: <>


Charlie Chesnut

 Find A Grave. “Charles Caldwell Chesnut.” Accessed: July 15th, 2016. <>

The Journal Record. “Legal Beat.” The Journal-Record, April 18, 1992. <>

Prabook. “Charles Caldwell Chesnut.” [n.a.] [n.d.] <>

Tulsa World. “Mr. Parole A Legend To Board, Inmates” by Rob Martindale. April 12th, 1992. <>

Tulsa World. “Mr. Parole.” Obituary. May 27th, 1992. <>

NewsOK. “Chesnut to Retire from Parole Board” by Kurt M. Hochenauer. December 12th, 1982. Accessed via: <>

NewsOK. “Public Servant for Openness.” Oklahoman. May 29th, 1992. Accessed via: <>


Crime: Oklahoma

 American Suburb X. Larry Clark, “Tulsa.” [n.p.] The ASX Team, October 2010. <>

 Busted Mugshots. “Busted! Bobby Dean Morris mugshots.” [n.d.] [n.p.] <>

 Chicago Tribune.  “Two Well-Heeled Ex-Cons Held in Murder Probe.” [n.a.] Chicago, IL. July 13, 1955. <>

Federal Bureau of Investigation. [Sub-links now defunct]:




Find A Grave. “Julius Hugo Wendt.” Connie Money. <>

Find A Grave. “Leonard Joe Baker.” Judy Mayfield. <> Message Forum. “Mostly Obits July 1929 Ardmorette.” Anita Emberlin, April 24, 2011. <>

Joey Bayles [Link now defunct] <>

Journal-Record. “FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List Turns 50.” [n.a.] [n.d.] [n.p.] <>

Just Mugshots. Bobby Dean Morris. [n.a.][n.p.] February 7, 2012. <>

Mugshots Online. [Sub-link now defunct.] <> <> “Bobby Dean Morris.” [n.a.] [n.d.] [n.p.] <> “Gary A. Dunson.” [n.a.] [n.d.] [n.p.] <> “George F. Johnson.” [n.a.] [n.d.] [n.p.] <> Obituary. “Robert Brown.” [n.a.] [n.p.] [ca.May 2013] <>

New York Times. “Biloxi’s Tale of Murder, Extortion, and Racy Photos.”  [n.a.] New York City, NY. December 29, 1991. <>

News On 6. “OSBI Investigates Sheriff Deputy-Involved Fatal Shooting Near Chelsea.” Russell Hulstine. [n.p.] January 2, 2014. <>

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Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial. [n.d.]<>

Oklahoma State Courts Network. [n.a.]Oklahama City, OK, 2016. <>

The Oklahoman. “Taxi Drivers Left in Rough.” Within text: “Checkered career ends. Tulsa's most arrested man has died. Police identified a body found last week in a downtown rooming house as Robert G. "Tangle Eye" Williams, 76.” [n.a.] August 4, 1982. <>

Southeast Missourian. “Robbery Conviction Followed by Attempt to Secure Narcotics.” July 26, 1955. <,3959101&hl=en>

 The State Crime Bureau Journal (Dee Cordry, author). October 2009. Accessed 2013. Includes article: “Dixie Mafia.” <>

 This Land Press. “Sex In the City.” Clara Nipper. 11/8/2011. <>

 [Tulsa World]. “‘Queen of Bootleggers’ Knew Too Much” by Terrell Lester. November 2nd, 1997. Accessed via: Roots Web/ “ARIZARD-L Archives” <>

Tulsa World. “Career Recessed.” Julie DelCour, May 8, 2005 <>

Tulsa World. Obituaries. “Clayton ‘Clay’ Cullen.” March 5, 2017. <>

 Tulsa World. [Link now defunct]<>

R. Michael Wilson. Lethal Executions In Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma Including the Indian Territory. [n.p.] McFarland, 2012. pp.216, 219-224 <>


Crime: Minnesota

 Billboard. February 2, 1948. “Minn’polis Confused Over Pros, Cons of Club Duo Ownership.” P.34. [n.a] <://>

Billboard. October 8, 1945. “Mpls. Murders Rumored Tied to New Policy.” P. 31. [n.a.] <>

Billboard. December 15, 1945. “Union Killing Settled for 8G Balm by Widow.”p.36. [n.a.] <>

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. “Devitt, Edward James.” <>

City Pages. “The Killer Inside.” [n.a.] [n.p.] November 9th, 2005. <>

Google maps. “Minneapolis/St.Paul Crime Map.” Google. 2017. <>

Hennepin County Attorney. <> [Link now defunct]

 Las Vegas Sun. “Former Tropicana owner Gustafson dies at age of 67.” [n.a.] April 6th, 1999. <>

Minnesota Historial Society. St.Paul, MN. [n.a.] [n.d.] <>

Minnesota State Law Library. “Credit River Case.” [n.a.] [n.d.] Includes:




NET Nebraska. “Earl Guy.” [n.a.] [Omaha?]. 2016. <>

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Steve Trimble, “Edward Devitt,” Saint Paul Historical. St. Paul, MN 2017. <>

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Wikipedia. “Kid Cann.” Wikipedia Foundation. San Francisco/Los Angeles CA.<>

Wikipedia. “Minneapolis Chief of Police.” Wikipedia Foundation. San Francisco/Los Angeles CA. <>


Crime: National

 AmericanMafia. “Kansas City, MO.” Frank Hayde, [ca.2017] <>

 The Chicago Outfit – Past & Present. Closed Facebook Group. <>

 Tim Blog. “Illegal Engineering.” Tim Hunkin. <>

The Marshall Project. “Inmate. Prisoner. Other. Discussed.” by Blair Hickman. April 3rd, 2015. <>

New York Times. James Dao, “Anthony (Fat Tony) Salerno,80, A Top Crime Boss, Dies in Prison.” July 29. 1992. <>

NPR. “How One Inmate Changed the Prison System From the Inside” by Joseph Shapiro. April 14th, 2017. <>

ProSecurityNews [site now dead. No domain]. Originally quoted: “It is called ‘peeling a safe’ because the sheet metal is literally peeled back like you would peel an orange. A fireproof safe actually consists of 2 walls, an inner wall and an outer wall, both made of sheet metal about the same thickness as the body of your car.”

Straus Media. William Byrk. “Bill Fallon, the Great Mouthpiece and Archetypal Criminal Defense Lawyer.” Originally New York Press, November 13, 2001. <>

Washington Post. “Ride ’em Convict!” by Paul Schwartzman. September 6th, 2005. <>

Wikipedia. “Nicholas Civella.” Wikipedia Foundation. San Francisco/Los Angeles CA.<>

YouTube. “FLQ October Crisis 1970.” Know Nothing. 2014. <>


Jerome Daly “Full Text of ‘Jerome Daly-The Mahoney Credit River Decision.” Reproduction of court case transcript. [1968] <>

 Constitutional Concepts Foundation. “The Credit River Decision.” Trial transcripts, [ca.1969.] <>

Education Center 2000. “The Credit River Decision.” Trial transcripts, [ca.2000].<>

 Federal Reserve History. “Nixon Ends Convertibility of US Dollars to Gold and Announces Wage/Price Controls.” Sandra Kollen Ghizoni. 1971. <>

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 Minnesota State Law Library. “Credit River Case.” [n.a.] [n.d.] <>

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Wikipedia. “First National Bank of Montgomery V. Daly.” Wikipedia Foundation. San Francisco/Los Angeles CA. <>

YouTube. “Daly v. First National Bank of Montgomery.” wabbit1444. 2009.<>


Doc’s Pool Hall 

AZ Billiards. Forum: “Need help with the name of an old pool hall.” Thread started December 24th, 2008. Quoted post from SK Custom Cues, January 2nd, 2009. <>

Jimbo Army. [Link now defunct] <> “Randy M. Wallace.” [n.a.] [n.d] [n.p.] <>

Oklahoma Department of Corrections. “Randy M. Wallace.” [n.a.] [n.d.] Oklahoma City, OK. <>

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SK Custom Cues. Kang Sabum. “A Breeding Ground for Pool.” [ca.2012]. [n.p.]<>

 Surfer Rod’s Web Site. “Pool Players Rod Has Beaten.” 2013. [n.a.] [n.p.]<>


Buddy Fallis 

Conway’s of Ireland. Genealogical notes on Fallis family. [n.a.] [n.d.] [n.p.] <>

Rocket Lawyer. [“This profile no longer exists.”] <>

Spoke. “Buddy Fallis.” [Link now defunct]. <>

Tulsa TV Memories. Group blog. [n.a.] [n.d.] [n.p.] <>

Tulsa World. <> [Link now defunct]

Tulsa World. Fallis. “S.M. “Buddy” Fallis and Diane Fallis of northeastern Oklahoma celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary April 1, 2011.” [n.a.] [Tulsa, OK]. 2011. <>

University of Tulsa. [now defunct] <>

University of Tulsa. [now defunct] <>

University of Tulsa. Class of 1960 Memory Book. Tulsa, 1960. [n.a.] PDF of U of Tulsa yearbook.<>

Yuku. Discussion forum. Charles T. Jones. “Still No Justice After 20 Years Slain Girl Scouts’ Parents Haunted by Murders.”  June 9, 1997. Reprint from The Oklahoman. [2009].<>


Jay Jones

Federal Circuits.vlex. [now defunct] <>

Lawless America. “Tulsa Oklahoma Police Scandal - 11 Named, 32 People Freed from Prison.” [n.a.] [n.p.] May 15, 2011. <>

New York Times Magazine. Bruce Porter, “A Long Way Down.” New York: June 6, 2004. <>


Minnesota History

 Archive 1. Sherwin Linton photographs. [n.p.] [n.a.] [end of photos ca.1979] <>

 Jeanne Andersen. “Venues.” [link defunct]. <>

 City Pages. “A New Flame.” [now defunct] <>

Club Carnival. <

Explore Minnesota. “Pasty Cline at the Flame Café.” [now defunct]. <>

Facebook. Group. ”Old Minneapolis.” <>

 Go Johnny Go. Flame Cafe archives. Download of “Midnight in Minneapolis” LP, 1960. [n.a.][n.d.] [n.p.] <>

 Hennepin County Library. “Nankin Cafe and Orchestra.” Menus and brief summary of restaurant history. [n.a][n.d.] <>

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Magic Marc Productions. Odds and Ends Hall of Fame: Photos. [2013] [n.a.] [n.p.] <>

“From Junk Peddlers to Industrialists – The Gendelman and Nathan Iron and Metal Company” by Carole Nathan Metzger. Michigan Jewish History. Vol. 48. Fall 2008. Ann Arbor: The Jewish Historical Society of Michigan. Accessed via: <>

Minneapolis Post. June 2014. [link defunct] <>

Setlist FM. Carl Perkins setlist[nothing listed]. <>

Steel Guitar Forum. Message board (closed).[n.d.] [n.p.] <>

Wayne and the Boys. “About Wayne.” Wayne Wagner. [n.p.] 2014. <>

Wikipedia. “Music of Minnesota.” Wikipedia Foundation. San Francisco/Los Angeles CA. <>


Native American: Eastern Shawnee

 Dictionary of Canadian Biography. “Weyapiersenwah.” Toronto: University of Toronto. [n.a.] 2017. <>

Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. <> Includes:

“Calamus Pond Cemetery.” Glenna J. Wallace, Chief. [2015]. <>

“News.” [Link now defunct.] <>

“The Tribal Seal -- A Historical Perspective.” Glenna J. Wallace, Chief. 2015. <>

“Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act History” <> “Charley Cemetery, Tulsa County, Oklahoma.” Charlotte Keen, 2002. <>

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Native Heritage Project. “The Red-Coated Chiefs of the Shawnee.” Fletcher Freeman. [n.p.] 2012. <>


Native American: North American

 The Guardian (UK). Chris McGreal. “US Should Return Stolen Land to Indian Tribes, Says UN.” London: [n.a.] May 4, 2012. <>

"Non-federally recognized tribes who have maintained cohesive, identifiable communities in the East and South.” [n.a.] [n.d.] [n.p.] <>

Smithsonian Libraries. “Indians At Work”/Bureau of Indian Affairs Digital Archive. <>


Native American: Indian Boarding Schools

American Indian Boarding Schools. A Supplementary Curriculum Guide. Santa Cruz, CA: Amy Lonetree. [n.d.] [n.p.] <>

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Oklahoma State History

 Adams County Historical Society. “The Dust Bowl Years”. 2015. <>

Abandoned Oklahoma. “Eastern State Hospital.” Photos post mid-90s. <>

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Oklahoma Historical Society

 Oklahoma Historical Society, 2009. Accessed: 2013 – 2015. Including articles:

“Agricultural And Vocational Education” by Carl N. Tyson

“Allotment” by Clara Sue Kidwell

“American Indians And Christianity” by Clyde Ellis

“American Indians And Education” by Clyde Ellis

“Aviation Manufacturing” by Keith Tolman

“Barker Gang” by Larry O’Dell

“Baseball” by Bob Burke

“Bluejacket” by Craig County Genealogical Society

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“Boxing” by Jon D. May

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