Overview to Sources

A full list of sources was not included in the print version of Bobby BlueJacket: The Tribe, The Joint, The Tulsa Underworld. The sheer number of sources would have required another full book on its own. Accordingly, a much more robust list is provided below. The sources are broken out according to media type, and sometimes further into subject matter.

Questions, corrections, or other concerns should be directed to the publisher: info [at] firsttoknock [dot] com

An active list of corrections is kept below:

p. 392: "a St. Paul mob spot called Shooter's". The name of the bar was actually "Sugars," located near the intersection of Fourth and Sibley.

p. 483: "BlueJacket... leads a parade through the town of McAlester in 1965." The parade actually took place on Main Street in Tulsa in 1965.

pp. 583–84, 638, 641, 738: Crosbie Heights is misspelled as "Crosby Heights."

michael daley