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Crime & Prison

 Dan Anderson with Laurence Yadon. Edited by Robert Barr Smith. 100 Oklahoma Outlaws, Gangsters, and Lawmen 1839 – 1939. Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Company, 2007.

Hon. Kenneth D. Bacon. Red River Prosecutor – True Cases of Oklahoma Crime. Lakeville, MN: Galde Press, Inc./Kenneth Bacon, 1995.

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Robert Earl Barnes. Are You Safe From Burglars? New York: Pocket Books, 1973.

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Don Carpenter. Hard Rain Falling. New York: New York Review Books, 2009.

Orben J. Casey. And Justice For All: The Legal Profession In Oklahoma, 1821 – 1989. Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Heritage Association/Western Heritage Books, Inc., 1989.

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[Chelsea Spengemann, ed.] [Larry Clark]. The Tulsa Reader: 1971 – 2010. New York: [n.p.], 2010.

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Kent Frates. Oklahoma’s Most Notorious Cases. Oklahoma City: The Roadrunner Press, 2014.

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Allen Hornblum. Acres of Skin: Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison. Abingdon: Routledge, 1999.

Edward Humes. Mississippi Mud. New York City: Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2010.

Alvin Karpis with Bill Trent. The Alvin Karpis Story. New York/Tokyo: Ishi Press, 2011.

Joel Katz. Bad Acts and Guilty Minds – Conundrums of Criminal Law. Chicago: University of Chicago, 1987.

Sammy Koontz, with Rose Crawley. The Saga Of Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Eufaula, OK: Cantrell Graphics Printing, [1973].

Col. D. F. Mac Martin. Thirty Years in Hell – The Confessions of a Drug Fiend. Topeka, KS: Capper Printing Company, 1921.

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Blake McKelvey. American Prisons – A History of Good Intentions. Montclair, NJ: Patterson Smith, 1977.

Albert McRill. Revised and Annotated by Larry Johnson. And Satan Came Also – An Inside Story of a City’s Social and Political History. Oklahoma City: Full Circle Press, 2013.

Larry Millett. Murder Has a Public Face. [St. Paul]: Borealis Books, 2008.

William Lynwood Montell. Killings – Folk Justice in the Upper South. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky, 1986.

Kathleen O’Leary Morgan & Scott Morgan (Eds.). Oklahoma Crime in Perspective, 2004 – Crime in the “Sooner State”. Lawrence, KS: Morgan Quinto Press, 2004. 

Errol Morris. A Wilderness of Error. New York City: Penguin Books, 2013.

W.R. Morris. The State Line Mob. Nashville: Rutledge Hill Press, 1990.

James McGrath Morris. Jailhouse Journalism – The Fourth Estate Behind Bars. Jefferson, NC & London: McFarland & Company, Inc., 1998.

Edward Muir & Guido Ruggiero (eds.). History From Crime. Baltimore & London: The John Hopkins University Press, 1994.

Richard H. Mullins. Real Oklahoma Outlaws. Lexington, KY: Ace In The Hole Press, 2015.

Michael A. Norcross. Recreation From Behind Prison Walls. [n.p.]: Michael A. Norcross, 2014.

Bill Nunes with L. Tettatin, D. Gruber, & J. Cochran. The Big Book of St. Louis & Southern Illinois Crime. Glen Carbon, IL: Bill Nunes, 2010.

Ron Padgett. Oklahoma Tough – My Father, King of the Tulsa Bootleggers. Norman, OK: Oklahoma University Press, 2003.

Percy R. Parnell. The Joint. San Antonio, TX: The Naylor Company, 1976.

Dan M. Reynolds. Caged Wisdom – Learning To See Through The Bars. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, 2012.

Dan M. Reynolds. Oklahoma Prison Riots. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, 2014.

Dan M. Reynolds. The Most Hilarious, Bizarre and Unusual Correctional Stories Ever Told. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, 2014.

Dan M. Reynolds. On the Other Side of the Bars. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, 2012.

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Charles W. Sasser. At Large – The Life and Crimes of Randolph Franklin Dial. New York City: St. Martin’s Press, 1998.

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David Simon. Homicide. New York City: Picador, 2006.

Alwyn J. St. Charles. The Narcotics Menace. Los Angeles: Borden Publishing Company, 1952.

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William Swanson. Stolen from the Garden – The Kidnapping of Virginia Piper. St. Paul: Borealis Books/Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2014.

Gay Talese. Honor Thy Father. New York City: HarperCollins, 2009.

Zoe A. Tilghman. Outlaw Days. Oklahoma City: Harlow Publishing Company, 1926.

Ronald L. Trekell. History of the Tulsa Police Department 1882 – 1990. Number 1874 of 5000. [Tulsa, OK: R. L. Trekell, 1990].

Jim Tully. Beggars of Life. Edinburgh & Oakland: AK Press/Nabat, 2004.

Vadim Volkov. Violent Entrepreneurs – The Use Of Force In The Making Of Russian Capitalism. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2002.

Ralph Weisheit & William White. Methamphetamine – Its History, Pharmacology, and Treatment. Center City, MN: Hazelden Publishing, 2009.

Michael Wilkerson & Dick Wilkerson. Someone Cry for the Children – The Unsolved Girl Scout Murders of Oklahoma and the Case of Gene Leroy Hart. New York: The Dial Press, 1981. 

R. Michael Wilson. Legal Executions in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma Including the Indian Territory. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 2012.

Marda Liggett Woodbury. Stopping the Presses – The Murder of Walter W. Liggett. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1998.


Shawnee & Native American

David Wallace Adams. Education for Extinction – American Indians and the Boarding School Experience 1875 – 1928. Lawrence: University of Kansas, 1995.

Margaret L. Archuleta, Brenda J. Child, and K. Tsianina Lomawaima (Editors). Away from Home: American Indian Boarding School Experiences 1879 – 2000. Phoenix: The Heard Museum, 2009.

Jon S. Blackman. Oklahoma’s Indian New Deal. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2013.

John P. Bowes. Exiles and Pioneers: Eastern Indians in the Trans-Mississippi West. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Kim Brumley. Chilocco: Memories of a Native American Boarding School. Fairfax, OK: Guardian Publishing House, 2010.

Colin G. Calloway. The Shawnees and the War for America. New York: Penguin Books, 2008.

Angie Debo. A History of the Indians of the United States. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1984.

Angie Debo. And Still The Waters Run – The Betrayal of the Five Civilized Tribes. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1991.

***Allan W. Eckert. Blue Jacket – Warrior Chief of the Shawnees. Dayton, OH: Landfall Press, Inc., 1983. Included for its misinformation concerning Chief Blue Jacket, not a scholarly source.

***Allan W. Eckert. The Frontiersmen – A Narrative. Ashland, KY: Jesse Stuart Foundation, 2001. Included for its misinformation concerning Chief Blue Jacket, not a scholarly source.

T.R. Fehrenbach. Comanches – The History of a People. New York: Anchor Books, 2003.

Nadine Grant & Della Vineyard (Compiled by). History of Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Miami, OK: Timbercreek, Ltd., 1987.

Frederick E. Hoxie. A Final Promise: The Campaign to Assimilate the Indians, 1880 – 1920. Lincoln & London: University of Nebraska Press, 2001.

Basil H. Johnston. Indian School Days. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1989.

Amelia V. Katanski. Learning to Write “Indian” – The Boarding School Experience and American Indian Literature. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2005.

K. Tsianina Lomawaima. They Called It Prairie Light – The Story of Chilocco Indian School. Lincoln & London: University of Nebraska Press, 1995.

Henry Lewis Morgan. The Indian Journals 1859 – 62. New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1993.

David Hamilton Murdoch. The American West – The Invention Of A Myth. Reno: University of Nevada Press, 2001.

Charles Roderick Penoi. Some Factors of Academic Achievement in High School Pupils Attending Selected Indian Boarding Schools in Oklahoma. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1956. Graduate thesis for the degree of Doctor of Education.

Horace Poolaw (photographer), Nancy Marie Mithlo (General Editor). For a Love of His People – The Photography of Horace Poolaw. Washington, DC & New York: National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, 2014.

Jon Reyhner & Jeanne Eder. American Indian Education – A History. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2006.

John Sugden. Blue Jacket – Warrior of the Shawnees. Lincoln & London: University of Nebraska Press, 2000.

Stephen Warren. The Shawnees and Their Neighbors 1795 – 1870. Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2009.

James Welch. Winter in the Blood. New York: Penguin Books, 2008.

Charles Banks Wilson (Compiled and Edited by). Indians of Eastern Oklahoma. Afton, OK: Buffalo Publishing, Co., 1956.

Muriel H. Wright. A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1968.


U.S. & World History

 Nelson Algren. Chicago – City On The Make. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001.

Boethius. The Consolation of Philosophy. London: Penguin Books, 1969.

Alan Brinkley. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.

Robert Darnton. “Peasants Tell Tales” from The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History. New York/Canada: Vintage Books/Random House, 1985.

John Kenneth Galbraith. The Great Crash of 1929. Boston & New York: Mariner Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009.

Henry F. Graff (Ed.). Inaugural Addresses Of The Presidents Of The United States from W.H. Taft to G.W. Bush. Chicago: R.R. Donnelley & Sons/Lakeside Press, 2005.

Eric Hobsbawm. The Age of Revolution 1789 – 1848. New York: Vintage Books, 1996.

Eric Hobsbawm. Age Of Capital 1848 – 1875. New York: Vintage Books, 1996.

Carlo Ginzburg. The Judge and the Historian. London/New York City: Verso/New Left, 1999.

Johan Kugelberg, Michael P. Daley, and Paul Major. Enjoy The Experience: Homemade Records 1958 – 1992. New York: Sinecure Books, 2013.

Arthur S. Link & Richard McCormick. Progressivism. Arlington Heights, IL: Harlan Davidson, Inc., 1983.

Eli Pariser. The Filter Bubble. London: Penguin Books, 2012.

O.E. Schoeffler with William Gale. Esquire’s Encyclopedia of 20th Century Men’s Fashions. San Francisco: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1973.

Frederick Jackson Turner. The Frontier in American History. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, Inc., 2010.

Howard Zinn. A People’s History of the United States 1492 – Present. New York: HarperCollins, 1999.


Tulsa & Oklahoma

Joe Andoe. Jubilee City – A Memoir At Full Speed. New York City: HarperCollins Publishers, 2008.

Bill Burchardt, Writer & David Fitzgerald, Photographer. Oklahoma. Portland, OR: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co., 1979. 

Mike Buckendorf. Tulsa – The War Years. Images of America Series. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2011.

Bob Burke. Courage Counts – The Life of Larry Derryberry. Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Heritage Association, 2003.

Bob Burke, Kenny A. Franks, and Royce Parr. Glory Days Of Summer: The History Of Baseball In Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Heritage Association, 1999.

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Susan Everly-Douze, Writer. Tulsa Times – A Pictorial History: The Boom Years. Ed. Terrell Lester. Tulsa, OK: World Publishing Co., 1997.

Susan Everly-Douze, Writer. Tulsa Times – A Pictorial History: Coming of Age. Ed. Terrell Lester. Tulsa, OK: World Publishing Co., 1997.

Jeff Duncan. Low Crimes & Misdemeanors – Confessions of a Tulsa Boy. West Conshohocken, PA: Infinity Publishing/Jeff Duncan, 2009.

Fred Ebrahimi (Publisher) for Tulsa Historical Society. Superlatives – A Celebration of Excellence in Tulsa. Tulsa: Superlative Publications, 2007.

Scott Ellsworth. Death in a Promised LandThe Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1992.

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David Hall. Twisted Justice – A Memoir of Conspiracy and Personal Politics. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, 2012.

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Workers of the Writers’ Program of the Works Projects Administration in the State of Oklahoma. Oklahoma – A Guide to the Sooner State. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1941.

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